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Getting the right people assures complete project success. So, an effective talent acquisition strategy helps businesses to find the best candidate for the job. Talent acquisition is not just sourcing candidates it has much more to it. HITACORP Inc’s talent acquisition services help local and global businesses to fill open positions with the right candidates in a short time span, with complete fulfilment of the job expectations.


Understandably, talent acquisition is an ongoing strategy at HITACORP Inc. We help different industries to find specialists, leaders, or future executives for their business. Our focus is definitely in the long-term human resources planning. Through business-specific and focused talent acquisition practice we find the appropriate candidates for positions that require specialized skills, project-specific competencies. HITACORP Inc's talent acquisition services go beyond simply filling-in positions to identify the best candidates for future positions. These positions may be of executive-level, leadership roles, or jobs that require specialised skills. Our talent acquisition strategy brings the following benefits to businesses across the globe.

  • Getting the right people for the present and future specialized jobs

  • Keeping the clients competitive, productive and innovative with the right talent

  • Saving on time, effort and money while souring the right talent

  • Preparing businesses for the people, process and technology challenges of the future


Staff augmentation is a powerful tool to achieve project success, and enhance client's delight. However, the choice of the right staff augmentation model is primary, and a perfect place to get started. HITACORP Inc's staff augmentation is both an outsourcing strategy as well as a technique to evaluate the existing staff in terms of their skills that they have today, and the need to prepare for the future challenges.

The benefits of HITACORP Inc's staff augmentation services for businesses are seen as,


  • Cost-effective: Helps IT enterprises to cut costs at various levels. With our staff augmentation you can avoid the rigors of recruitment, training, employee benefits, taxes and more

  • Adaptability & Flexibility: Imparts the ability to handle large projects that demand specialised skills. At any point of time you can scale-up or scale-down the size of work force.

  • Pool of Experts: Access to experienced professionals ready for action from day one

  • No overheads: Gain from the cost effective alternative to recruiting, interviewing and hiring a regular employee

  • Ready skills: Focus on the skills you need for a particular project. You will always have the option to choose between an expert, and a generalist

  • Innovation: Generate fresh and innovative ideas and ensure objectivity and professional conduct at the workplace


HITACORP Inc's technical staffing solutions help clients to manage the project's entire life cycle. We will meet all the clients' recruitment and talent acquisition needs. With a team of national and international expert recruiters, we will provide custom, reliable, and value-driven technical staffing solutions. HITACORP Inc's expertise includes healthcare, government, manufacturing and a host of other industries.

Beyond the contracted and permanent staffing solutions, we have the expertise to provide the very best, qualified and industry-experienced technical personnel. We do this through a wide range of channels like databases, industry-specific research etc. We have the capability, expertise and network to handle small to large scale technical manpower requirements. So, if your search is for multinational candidates from a global database, HITACORP Inc is definitely your choicest technical staffing solutions partner.


If you want to hire the right candidate quickly and efficiently, HITACORP Inc provides the needful. Understandably, the recruitment process in the post-COVID times faces daunting challenges. Global companies face manpower shortage due to growing preference of technical personnel for work-from-home or freelancing. This means to bring to the fore the inordinate role of recruitment process outsourcing firms. HITACORP Inc offers end-to-end, high quality and flexible recruitment process outsourcing solutions to national and international industries. The benefits you gain by availing our RPO services are seen as,

  • Reduced cost per hire substantially by leveraging on our global delivery model

  • Helping companies to focus on their core and strategic business

  • Hiring of the robust and reliable niche skill personnel especially when the requirement is for people with advanced and project-specific technical skills

  • Shortening the time to hire, and saves on focus and energy of internal technical teams

  • Gaining from the accountability of the recruitment process outsourcing. However this turns into a challenge when a business deals with several RPO vendors at a time

  • Driving value from improved effectiveness of the recruitment process


HITACORP Inc's professional and executive recruitment helps to source the right candidates for senior-level jobs. We work across sectors/industries to source the market's leading and the hard-to-find talent. Our professional and executive recruitment services follow a proactive approach and rarely leverage on the traditional methods of sourcing candidates.

We follow a meticulous and graded process. First the right candidates are identified. Second, proper introductions are made to help the hiring business and the prospective to understand each other. Third, our role in drawing common grounds between each other is seen as focused negotiations. HITACORP Inc's professional and executive recruitment process means to fulfil,


  • The need to find exact candidate match for the role

  • Recruiting from a pool of passive candidates

  • Filling-up senior and specialist roles

  • Facility to work on a retained basis