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Globally, businesses need to keep pace with the competition and market dynamics. This demands specialization and adoption of innovative IT strategies. Also, there is a perennial demand to reduce costs and work efficiently while ensuring quality and security. HITACORP Inc delivers innovative and reliable managed infrastructure services. We help clients to leverage on our managed security services built on cloud and traditional technologies. Our managed services combine collective business, technical and industry expertise.


HITACORP Inc leverages on reliable and innovative network technology that seamlessly allows for the exchange and transmission of data. Our portfolio of network services includes installing, configuring, and troubleshooting the network. Our network specialists help businesses to transmit digital data like visual, audio data files. & data files. We specialize in two types of transmission of data like point to point and multipoint. We deploy the latest and innovative network technology to achieve this. Our network experts have expertise in handling small to large LAN, MAN, VAN, PAN and VPN projects.

HITACORP Inc excels at cloud-managed networking, which means to manage and control a business network remotely through resources in the cloud, rather than from onsite network controllers or management software. Understandably, cloud managed networking is a game changer in IT. We leverage on the SaaS model to control and analyse on-premise network devices. Our cloud-managed networking is quite popular with industries across different sectors as it brings the benefits of managing all network users and devices in a single place. Significantly, organizations with offices in different locations are not limited by geographical limitations.


Hitacorpinc helps businesses to manage data across diverse sources. By using the latest and innovative tools we capably help businesses to process datasets in their entirety and gain a far more complete picture of the business, customers and the market environment. We help local and global business to adopt latest data collection methods. Innovative data collection practices will allow businesses to find answers to challenging problems, and capably help to analyze new insights to great effect.

With proven expertise in Big Data, Hitacorpinc helps businesses to seamlessly manage and process the structured, unstructured and semi-structured data. By processing Big Data in DBMS we bring multiple benefits, such as-

  • Utilize outside intelligence while taking decisions. A fine example is accessing social data from search engines and sites like Facebook, Twitter are enabling organizations to fine tune their business strategies.

  • Leverage on Big Data and natural language processing technologies to read and evaluate consumer responses.

  • Achieve early identification of risk to the product/services

  • Establish better operational efficiency

  • Integrate Big Data technologies and data warehouse to help the business organization to offload infrequently accessed data


Globally, aligning IT to the business is key to success. For this the IT infrastructure has a key role in enabling the digital journey. HITACORP Inc's managed infrastructure services focus on the following priorities and outcomes.

  • Agile Infrastructure: Automation driven agility, Streamlined processes, and IT operational intelligence

  • Employee Productivity: Enabling new ways of working, Effective team collaboration, and Employee retention

  • Customer Experience: Omni-channel Experience, Analytics driven insights, and Increased customer loyalty

  • Security & Compliance: Real-time threat management, Protect brand reputation, and Lower the risk to businesses


HITACORP Inc's managed infrastructure services include the comprehensive, and integrated suite of services. Our managed infrastructure services cover Enterprise’s distributed and Hybrid IT environment. These are considered as a single entity with single point-of accountability.

This we do by keeping criticality of operations in mind with minimal impact to operations and service levels. Our focus is definitely on ensuring a Steady State Operations, Service Improvement Plans and initiatives to achieve technology transformation.