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HITACORP Inc helps global communications and media in three different ways. First, we reinvent and update technology and operating models. Second, we adopt new growth models. Third, we drive hyper-personalization. Significantly, we leverage on data and analytics to achieve seamless research and industry analysis across shifting consumer, technology and business models trends and their impacts on the communications industry. HITACORP inc's consulting and managed services are directed at providing the next-gen IT security, and leverage on digital, analytics and enterprise cloud services to keep communication and media innovative and up-to-date.

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HITACORP Inc offers IT solutions aligned to business needs. We deliver consistent and cost-effective talent acquisition, consulting, managed and application development services to the global energy industry. We understand the diversified energy business, including electricity, natural gas, coal, oil products, biomass, CO2 and environmental products. HITACORP Inc’s consulting services help the energy industry to focus on trading activities and asset management. Our support to the energy industry includes full-cycle IT support in total compliance with new regulations. And, an end to end support on talent acquisition and managed services to help the business to adopt innovative technologies and face stiff competition.



HITACORP Inc supports the global utilities industry through assured, insightful and innovative consulting, and managed services. We help to build a digital ecosystem that delivers superior customer experience and future-proof the utility business model. HITACORP Inc combines cross-skilling and process automation. By this we aim to achieve lesser turn-around-time, and reduce the operational expenditure. We collaborate with the utilities businesses as a dedicated and reliable IT services partner. We aim to renew and reinvent your business with innovative and disruptive technologies. 



The global life sciences industry faces daunting challenges as never before. COVID-19 has tested the Pharma industry’s resilience. Internal challenges were seen as efforts to pace-up the drug research and trials, and external challenges were evident as rising demand for vaccines and supply disruptions. HITACORP Inc helps the global life sciences industry with a portfolio of reliable, consistent and innovative talent acquisition, consulting, managed and application development services. Our agile and innovative business models help to accelerate capabilities and deliver real-time business outcomes.



HITACORP Inc focuses on enhanced citizen-centric IT consulting and managed services. We help federal agencies and allied businesses to leverage on emerging technologies. Our end-to-end IT services and solutions will help governments to renew and build new capabilities and meet the complex demands of various sections of society. If our primary focus is on transforming operational efficiency, on a broader level we aim to revitalize the economy and society. We strengthen the government' initiatives of citizen centric e-governance. Our portfolio of IT consulting services for government agencies includes reliable and innovative solutions for e-governance, Enterprise Content Management, Document Management and Enterprise Portal Solutions.



HITACORP Inc offers innovative and value-driven talent acquisition and technology consultancy services to the manufacturing sector. We aim to enable the manufacturing industries to meet and exceed all the production goals. Prominently, we offer managed services under the entire manufacturing and supply chain ecosystem. The team of IT consultants at HITACORP Inc leverage on technologies such as big data to offer the needed analytics that will help to optimize manufacturing process and enhance the customer experience. Automation and intelligent tools are enabled. This is furthered by custom technology products, connected services, responsive manufacturing, and intelligent supply chain management.

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HITACORP Inc helps the global pharmaceutical industry to leverage on the cloud-based networks while handling massive data analytics. We help our pharma clients to adopt the power of new computing, analytics and service solutions without sacrificing security or performance. We collaborate with the pharma sector to secure internal networks, remote work connections and cloud-based services.



HITACORP Inc's managed IT services include scalable network solutions that will help healthcare providers of all sizes to implement new technologies at their facilities. Our robust, reliable and innovative network infrastructure helps users and devices to communicate and coordinate. This includes electronic health records, electronic billing, and comprehensive staff management systems. Through an offer of focused IT consulting services we ensure for the healthcare industry enhanced quality of care, reduced costs, seamless collaboration, security and privacy, and disaster recovery.



Retail industry in the COVID-19 era witnesses far more changes than ever. The retail chains with their stores at different geographies are fast giving way to ecommerce portals. Coinciding with this is the increased use of mobile based ecommerce platforms. This means to drive the need for a dedicated data management, and infrastructure (hardware and software). HITACORP Inc’s portfolio of SAP Retail services helps the retail enterprise to drive efficiency and deliver relevant, and personalised customer experiences.



Global telecom industry is perennially in search of the right talent, and adoption of the innovative processes and seamless technologies. The next generation of telcos are defined by the quality of their services and adoption of a holistic approach to business transformation. In the COVID-19 times, the entire people, process and technology innovations took a leap-frogging, never seen before.

In tune with the changed times, HITACORP Inc pioneers an impactful innovation in the global telecom industry. We adhere and uphold the business-model disruption, with technologies like AI, big data, and the Internet of Things. HITACORP Inc also leverages on the service-delivery and value-capture models. The focus of global telecom is now on technology-focused parts of the value chain like the software-defined networking in a wide area network [SD-WAN], software as a service [SaaS], and over the top [OTT].

During the COVID-19 pandemic there is increased focus on online and touch less communication that plays a crucial role in keeping businesses, governments, and societies connected. Greater reliance on online channels created the demand for quality flow of data, robust networks, and responsive tech support. HITACORP Inc emerges to the impactful changes of post COVID-19 times with an offer of reliable, flexible and value-driven digital transformation solutions to the telecommunications industry.