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HITACORP Inc offers value-driven and end-to-end custom application development services. These include ground-up bespoke web apps development, migration, update, & ongoing maintenance services. The client's requirement may be a simple application or an enterprise-grade complex solution, our focus is on developing the right application that meets in total the needs of end-users. HITACORP Inc's offshore app software developers build enterprise software solutions that help to reduce costs and lets your app software development scale-up quickly to match any competition.


HITACORP Inc deploys the latest development technologies & frameworks. By leveraging on the systematically-defined agile approach we build scalable, reliable and custom business applications. We bring to each client engagement an in-depth technology expertise that helps us to handle small to large, and simple to complex project requirements.

Our custom application development follows a 3-step process that includes,

Step 1. In the first step we look into analysing and understanding the core business processes. This leads to preparation of the initial project road map. Most crucial during this step is the choice of the best-suited technology for the development of the business application.

Step 2. We look into the development & quality analysis of the custom application. This step is backed by our expertise in technical architecture and industry-specific expertise. We leverage on the full-stack application development to develop, customize and migrate software solutions as per the needs of the client's business.

Step 3. This step deals with delivery of the custom application and offering reliable and consistent support. All this means to ensure the sound performance of the custom application developed and deployed at the client's end.


Most importantly, with an offer of value-driven and full-scale custom application development we serve small businesses, product companies and enterprises to collaborate seamlessly on the web and mobile as well. For example, our offer of dynamic CRM solutions helps businesses to build better and innovative customer relationships.


HITACORP Inc's Application Support and Managed Services help the clients' IT staff to focus on mission critical projects. Beneficially, our Application Support and Managed Services help companies to do away with the need to maintain a large, multi-specialty resource pool. Our teams work as an extension to the clients' existing staff.


HITACORP Inc offers support on day-to-day operations and even performs higher-level services like testing support and report writing. Our application support and managed services offer cost-effective options and feature,

  • Hourly rates for short-term projects

  • Payment for coverage whenever the client needs it

  • Fixed pricing model for defined services and long-term projects

  • Shared full-time equivalent employees to augment your staff at a reduced cost


HITACORP Inc helps businesses to retain business agility across mobile, API, and SaaS through seamless, reliable and value-driven enterprise integration solutions. Though highly focused enterprise integration, we aim to drive productivity and enable better decision making. Significantly, our enterprise integration specialists unify applications, services, systems and databases across the clients' enterprise.

Our enterprise integration solutions offer the following benefits,

  • System interconnectivity: Connect people, processes, systems, and technologies within your enterprise ecosystem

  • Improved productivity throughout the company: Enable communication across differing systems to permit everyone access to the information they need, anytime

  • The right information when you need it: Provide accurate data regardless of what system you are deploying

  • Real-time updates: Ensure that you are always up to date on your business needs with real-time updates

  • Coordinate business processes: Automate business processes, further improving productivity across your company


HITACORP Inc helps organizations to manage change with speed and agility. Understandably, change within and outside the business organization is continuous. In line with the changing expectations of the customers or end-users, businesses launch new projects. New and innovative technologies are adopted to improve the business performance, increase profits, and enhance the competitive advantage.

HITACORP Inc's focus on people, process and technology aims to prepare the global industry to emerge to the challenges of change. The right people handling right jobs means to create lower risk, and assures higher success rate. The right process when put in place assures the expected outcomes. Technology is definitely the chief enabler of different processes.

HITACORP Inc leverages on the ADKAR (awareness, desire, knowledge, ability, and reinforcement) model to establish a lasting Adoption & Change Management strategy. We work as an extension to the client's staff while navigating through the individual stages of change. ADKAR works as an effective tool for planning change management activities. It equips the leadership team to facilitate change, and supports the staff throughout the change.


HITACORP Inc ensures automation & validation of simple to complex business processes. Our team of automation experts at our global Centre of Excellence (CoE) enable faster time-to-market of your enterprise apps with a scalable Test Automation Framework. Significantly, our CoE helps businesses to overcome test automation challenges.

HITACORP Inc's Test Automation services are tried-and-tested. We offer the IP-driven, tool-agnostic, platform-independent testing solution for automating and validating complex business processes in a variety of sectors. Our testing team can work with a number of popular commercial and open source test tools. We will help to augment each client's existing automation testing frameworks & test suites. By availing our test automation services businesses can overcome,

  • The inability to choose the best suited test automation tools

  • The lack of pre-built automated test suites and a team of scripting experts

  • The migration challenges while modernizing legacy automation scripts

  • The lack of expertise in automating regression tests


HITACORP Inc helps clients to stay ahead with AI-powered automation. We leverage on the cloud-enabled test labs, certified testing and engineering specialists, test CoEs, and continuous integration, and enabling an enterprise automation framework to deliver testing services.