HITACORP Inc is headquartered in Massachusetts, USA. As a solution-oriented technology partner, we collaborate with our clients to discover, align, deliver and manage a host of managed IT and staffing services. Our innovative, competitive, and value-driven talent acquisition and consulting services are built on a collective and collaborative work culture.

This calls for coordinated efforts of our technology teams and client's team for achieving commonly identified goals. Our output matches the client's expectations with an assurance on high quality and fast turnaround time.

It is solely an impactful innovation that is at the heart of whatever we do. By keeping our clients ahead of competition with an offer of innovative, scalable, and affordable IT services, we help clients to sustain market leadership, and serve their customers better.

Our first focus is on talent acquisition that helps businesses to leverage on competent people, builds human relationships, and assures higher level of project success. Also, greater professionalism means to bring about higher level of transparency and integrity.


HITACORP Inc pioneers a seamless integration of the right people, innovative processes and in-demand Technologies. Understandably, through automation and advanced analytics the interactivity between people, process and technology can be enhanced leading to designing business-specific IT improvements as part of the strategic perspective. Surely, proper data analysis makes us to identify best practices and helps to evolve innovate improvements.

People are the key to business transformation. It is the right talent that helps organizations to achieve the goals, and establish a global benchmark in business transformation. HITACORP Inc is a pioneer in developing people-centred strategy for a resounding business transformation. We understand that businesses need to face continuously the challenge of intensifying change and complexity in the business ecosystem. We put people first, as it is only the people that turn ideas into reality. So, people are the strategy in motion. At HITACORP Inc, we understand the ecosystem of business transformation and IT innovation, and its relationship with right talent and competency. Our focused talent acquisition is followed by the best-in-class IT consulting, bespoke managed services, and innovative application development services.

At HITACORP Inc we understand IT processes as the ability of IT to enable businesses. For an effective IT organization, there needs a serious consideration to the IT processes and bring it in alignment with the new requirements, changes, performance, capacity, problems, configurations, assets, software versions, disasters, and security. HITACORP Inc puts the right IT processes in place for each business, and works closely with the clients on defining the project requirements, aligning the system development and infrastructure development lifecycles, and formalizing a system for making continuous improvements to IT services. Our portfolio of talent acquisition, consulting, managed and application development services contribute in many ways towards realizing reliable, consistent and process-driven IT services.

Technology is the chief enabler of change. Surely, sans technology, the modern's life and activities will come to a halt. When it comes to use of innovative technologies in business, it gains all the more importance. Today, majority of business operations and transactions involve the right use of reliable, scalable, and custom technologies. HITACORP Inc leverages on new and innovative technologies to establish greater connect between customers' expectations and business' offerings. With end-to-end focus on talent acquisition, consulting, managed and application development services our established goal is to bring about the needful business transformation, and turn into partners of success.


To emerge as a leader and strategic partner for IT staffing & consulting services. This we aim to do by reinventing and redefining the dynamics of the IT industry.


To offer the best-in-class, full-scale, flexible, scalable and innovative talent acquisition, consulting, managed and application development services based on highest standards of integrity, quality and meaningful technology outcomes.