Stay ahead of the market dynamics


At HITACORP Inc, it is a point of consensus that people, process and technology are an integral of the bigger business ecosystem. Our offer of business-specific talent acquisition, consulting, managed and application development services makes each client's business ecosystem reliable, consistent, dynamic, robust and value-driven.


People, process and technology are crucial to achieve innovative and value-driven business transformation. Businesses and industries across different sectors have to confront the challenges of change. Legacy needs to be replaced by innovative and in-demand technologies. HITACORP Inc pioneers an impactful innovation in the global telecom industry.


HITACORP Inc is headquartered in Massachusetts, USA. As a solution-oriented technology partner, we collaborate with our clients to discover, deliver and manage a host of managed IT and staffing services. Our innovative and value-driven talent acquisition and consulting services are built on a collective and collaborative work culture. 


If you think of innovation, the choice is definitely HITACORP Inc. The reason is recognized as an established innovation standard to tie individual competence with innovative techniques for business success. HITACORP Inc establishes a benchmark in the management of people, process and technology. This sets different industries to stay ahead of competition and reach-out to prospective customers. 

We bring to each industry a unified and idea-driven employee base that delivers impactful and innovative ideas within shorter time spans. Our sincere efforts are directed at turning your organization greatly authentic, nimble, passionate, and innovative. We dwell deep into your business environment, and market dynamics to deliver extraordinary outcomes for sustained periods of time.


HITACORP Inc’s forte is in offering innovative, scalable, and next-gen IT services. These include the right talent acquisition, end-to-end technology consulting services, skill-driven managed services, and next-gen application development services. Understandably, the right set of people helps businesses to establish reliable and trusted services. Equally, it is the scalable, reliable and matured consulting, managed and application development services that keep competitors to stay ahead in business, and achieve unparalleled customer satisfaction.

Successful Manager


Getting the right people assures complete project success. So, an effective talent acquisition strategy helps businesses to find the best candidate for the job. Talent acquisition is not just sourcing candidates it has much more to it. HITACORP Inc's talent acquisition services help local and global businesses to fill open positions with the right candidates in a short time span, with complete fulfilment of the job expectations. 

Office Consultation


Information technology (IT) consulting services help businesses to implement IT strategies and solutions. This means to achieve total and seamless business-IT alignment, and achieve enhanced value from IT strategies and infrastructure. HITACORP Inc’s IT consulting services includes proven expertise in Cloud, SAP practice, Big Data, Analytics and CRM. Our IT consulting includes end-to-end and full-service assistance on all IT projects. 



Globally, businesses need to keep pace with the competition and market dynamics. This demands specialization and adoption of innovative IT strategies. Also, there is a perennial demand to reduce costs and work efficiently while ensuring quality and security. HITACORP Inc delivers innovative and reliable managed infrastructure services. We help clients to leverage on our managed security services built on cloud and traditional technologies. Our managed services combine collective business, technical and industry expertise.

Application Design


HITACORP Inc offers value-driven and end-to-end custom application development services. These include ground-up bespoke web apps development, migration, update, & ongoing maintenance services. The client's requirement may be a simple application or an enterprise-grade complex solution, our focus is on developing the right application that meets in total the needs of end-users. HITACORP Inc's offshore app software developers build enterprise software solutions that help to reduce costs and lets your app software development scale-up quickly to match any competition.